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Remote Litigation (Manage Court Cases)

Ministry Of Justice

A service that enables the claim parties to review everything being submitted to the case and enables the online pleading, exchanging statements and responding to the circuit requests without the need to visit the court.

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  • Log in to Najiz Portal using "NAFATH" account
  • On the dashboard, click on judiciary
  • Select the case
  • Select hearings
  • Review the activated written pleading's hearing
  • Respond to the circuit's question
  • Enter the content of the response
  • Send the response to the circuit
  • Valid agency includes the article of pleading, if the applicant is an agent to the beneficiary
  • Valid guardianship decree, if the applicant is a guardian to the beneficiary
  • Responding within the notice determined by the circuit
  • Complying to the question of the judicial circuit while answering
  • The pleading period is valid

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