Corporate Income Tax Registration (CIT)

The income tax shall be applied to any natural or legal person engaged in an activity in the Kingdom and a non-resident who earns income from a source in the Kingdom and resident money companies on the shares of non-Saudi partners and persons engaged in the production of oil and hydrocarbons. Therefore, once the facility is registered with the Ministry of Commerce, a special TIN is created for the company. Once created, you will need to log in to the GAZT portal to complete the initial registration at the GAZT.
  • Complete the Ministry of Commerce registration.
  • Receive SMS and e-mail notification with GAZT log-in details.
  • Log into GAZT portal through
  • Go to Zakat tab.
  • Complete first requirememt upon login which is the Zakat/CIT registration form.
  • You will receive a notification upon completion of the request.

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