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Tamheer - On-the-Job Training

Human Resources Development Fund

The service allows on-the-job training, in particular, to develop the skills of graduates of Saudi and foreign universities, institutes, and colleges, whether they are fresh graduates or previously employed, to train them in government institutions and leading companies in the private sector to gain the necessary expertise and skills to prepare them and prepare them to participate in the labor market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Ensure that you meet the program joining requirements.
  • Register through the National Labor Portal (Taqat).
  • Choose (All Programs) from our list of programs.
  • Complete the registration process.
  • The applicant must be a Saudi national.
  • To hold a diploma from technical, health and administrative institutes and colleges, with a duration of no less than one academic year from an accredited body (two semesters).
  • To have a diploma (technical, health, or administrative) or a bachelor’s degree or higher, or to have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • He shall not be employed, whether in the government or private sector.
  • He should not have been registered in the social insurance systems or the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with any job during the (6) months preceding the application.
  • No Requirements

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