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Support Program for Professional Certifications

Human Resources Development Fund

This service allows compensation for training costs and examination fees after obtaining the professional certificate; this is in order to encourage and motivate the national workforce, business organizations and job seekers to obtain certified professional certificates to develop their skills and experiences in the specialized fields required in the labor market.

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Service launch date: Dec 31, 2015, 8:00:00 PM GMT

  • Ensure that you meet the program joining requirements.
  • Register through the National Labor Portal (Taqat).
  • The beneficiary must be a citizen, male or female, whether he is an employee in the public or private sector, or a job seeker.
  • The certificate should be among the certificates approved by the HRDF.
  • The date of obtaining the certificate should be after the date of approval of the certificate in the support program for professional certifications.
  • That the applicant acknowledge that his employer has not paid the costs of the certificate.
  • The compensation request should not exceed the costs of more than two certificates only per person.
  • The professional certificate is valid and not expired, so that the date of its approval does not exceed six months.
  • The Fund does not bear the costs of membership fees, whether it is compulsory for the certificate or not.
  • Not to attach any invoices related to membership fees to any approved certificate.
  • Availability of personal data and education data in the profile on the National Labor Portal (Taqat)

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