Commercial Environmental Permit

National Center for Environmental Compliance

The service allows issuing an environmental permit or approval for establishments and agencies that have activities that may affect the environment.

Government, Business
Target audience
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Service duration
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Service cost

Customer support

  • Enter the environmental licensing system.
  • Create an account in the system, and enter the required information.
  • Log in to the system.
  • Click on Request Environmental Permit.
  • Click on Activity Data, and enter the required data for commercial environmental permit service.
  • Attach the required information.
  • Click (Send).
  • Follow up on the status of an environmental permit application on the platform.
  • Commercial Record.
  • Authorization or legitimate agency.
  • Hazardous waste register.
  • There are three categories which are: Projects with limited environmental impacts, Projects with significant environmental impacts, and Projects with serious environmental impacts.
  • Depending on the category number there are additonal preconidtions.
  • Manual for details.
  • Service Fees:
    • First Category Issuance Fees: 1000 SR
    • Second Category Issuance Fees: 2000 SR
    • Third Category Issuance Fees: 8000 SR

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