Environmental Rehabilitation in the Field of Municipal Solid Waste Management

National Center for Environmental Compliance

The service enables environmental rehabilitation for companies, private institutions and government agencies to work in the field of municipal solid waste.

Government, Business
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Customer support

  • Enter the environmental licensing system.
  • Create an account in the system, and enter the required information.
  • Log in to the system.
  • Click on Request Environmental Permit.
  • Choose from the drop-down list Environmental Qualification Service in the field of municipal solid waste management.
  • Attach the required information.
  • Click (Send).
  • Follow up on the status of permit application on the platform.
  • Fill out the application form electronically.
  • Resume statements for all technicians explaining their experiences in the required field of activity.
  • A record of experience for the entity to be qualified in case of previously working in the same field of required activity, and for each party participating in the joint partnership.
  • A diagram showing the organizational and administrative structure of the entity.
  • An illustration of the various activity facilities and the location of the activity.
  • A statement of the main equipment and devices used in the field of activity and their specifications.
  • A description of the proposed business plan and the technology used.
  • Safety plan
  • Quality Plan
  • The commercial register or the investment license that activity is added to it
  • Attach your national ID or residency
  • Attach the ownership deed or lease contract
  • Attach zakat and income document
  • Depending on the activity there are additional specified preconditions.
  • Manual instructions.
  • Service Fees.

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