Environmental Rehabilitation in the Field of Consulting Offices and Environmental Studies

National Center for Environmental Compliance

This service allows evaluating and accrediting existing and non-existing projects from environmental aspects and categorize them based on the general environmental systems, and permitting Environmental certificates based on their types.

Government, Business
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Customer support

  • Enter the environmental licensing system.
  • Create an account in the system, and enter the required information.
  • Log in to the system.
  • Click on the activity data, and fill in all the required data for the environmental rehabilitation service in the field of environmental consulting and studies offices.
  • Choose from the drop-down list the environmental qualification service in the field of environmental consulting and studies offices.
  • Attach the required information.
  • Click (Send).
  • Follow up on the status of the application on the platform.
  • Fill out the application form electronically.
  • Attach the CVs in Arabic to the owner of the consulting office for individuals, institutions and companies of one person, or the head of the department for preparing studies and providing consultations if the submitted is an environmental company that meets the conditions.
  • Attach the CV in Arabic for the technical staff who meet the conditions.
  • Attach scientific certificates.
  • Attach proof of experience.
  • Attach the social insurance record indicating the names of the subscribers.
  • Attach the commercial register with the activity added.
  • A record of experience for the entity to be rehabilitated in case of previously working in the same field of the required activity, and each party has the participation of the partnership companies, if any.
  • A diagram showing the organizational and administrative structure of the entity.
  • Quality plan.
  • Depending on the activity and category there are additional specified preconditions.
  • Service Fees: 5000 SR for every activity for more details check the manual.

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