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Official Map of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information

A map that provides users with a reliable national reference for general purpose applications, and is intended to be used for strategic planning, feature location and identification. It contains the following: 1. Urban and isolated population centers. 2. Natural drainage and water resource facilities. 3. Transportation networks, national and international road numbers and distances. 4. Communication and power networks and facilities. 5. Industrial facilities. 6. Natural vegetation and cultivated areas. 7. Ground surface types. 8. Ground elevations shown in meters, represented by contours, spot heights, and elevation layer tints. Map landform shadows are shown by hill shading. Sea depths are shown by bathymetric contours and tints. 9. A one degree (1°) spacing, longitude - latitude graticule. 10. Descriptive text (place / feature names etc.) All numeric values are in Arabic (Latin) format. 11. International land or maritime borders are shown only for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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