Electronic Land and Real Estate Title Registration

This service enables the user to submit a request for e-conveyance to transfer property from one party to another. The applicant could be representing himself/herself, agent or representative of agency. It also allows the seller to create and cancel the request and the buyer to accept or reject the request.
  • Log in to the Unified National Access service.
  • To create a request, click "New Request".
  • Select one of the real estate deeds from the list. Note that only real estate deeds that comply with the terms and conditions of the service are displayed.
  • Accept the real estate instrument.
  • View seller information.
  • Fill in the seller's bank account (IBAN) number, transaction information, and the buyer information.
  • The real estate tax reference number (application number) will be verified.
  • Review the request’s information.
  • The request will be approved.
  • For more steps, click here.

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