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Transportation Support (Wusool)

Human Resources Development Fund

It is an initiative by the Human Resources Development Fund that aims to find solutions that reduce the burden of transportation costs for female workers in the private sector and for males with disabilities, in order to enable their work and increase their stability in the labor market by transporting them to and from the workplace, in partnership with taxi routing companies. Through licensed smart applications. "

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Access to Hadaf website
  • Clicking on the “Individual” and “Enable” programs and services icon. « Access transport support »
  • Click on the registration icon on the page
  • Complete the registration in the program via the program page in TAQAT. If the applicant's status is not eligible for the program, the reasons for disqualification will appear.
  • If the applicant's status is eligible, a home and work location page will appear on the map to be shared with service providers.
  • The work and home locations are determined on the map, the terms and conditions are agreed upon, and then click on “Register in the Program.”
  • Wosool will be activated automatically in the "Uber and Careem" application on the same mobile number registered with Taqat within 24 hours, and an instructional message will be sent to the same e-mail and mobile number registered with Taqat.
  • Nationality is Saudi.
  • Age 18-65 years old
  • To be registered with the Social Insurance.
  • The monthly wage (the basic wage in addition to the housing allowance) should not exceed (8000) eight thousand riyals.
  • Total social insurance contributions not exceeding 36 months during the past five years.
  • The male must be a person with a disability - registered in the Social Welfare Department.
  • No Requirements

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