Viewing Information, Prices and Alternatives to Food and Medicinal Products (Tameni app)

This service allows you and your family to access accurate information through the (Tameni) App on products supervised by the Food and Drug Authority to enhance your health and food behavior. The service allows you to search for: registered medicines, their details and approved prices, pharmaceutical alternatives at the lowest prices, food products using the product's barcode and knowledge of the product's allergens, registered medical devices and their commercial details. The service also allows submitting reports and inquiries about products, and receiving notifications of official warnings and alerts issued by the authority.
  • Download the (Tameni) App from Apple or Android store.
  • Log in with the mobile number, or use the app as a guest.
  • Search by product name or scan its barcode.
  • The application offers all the information that can be viewed and of interest to the consumer.

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