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Request for Equivalence of Higher Education Certificate

Ministry Of Education

An e-service provided by the Ministry of Education, which enables the higher education student who have obtained his qualification from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to request an equivalence of scientific certificates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Log in to the certificate equivalency portal by clicking on the service link. ​
  • From the main page, choose the degree for which you want to request an equivalency.
  • Read the general terms and then agree to them by clicking on the “I accept the terms and instructions” box.
  • Click the "Next" button.
  • Enter the certificate information.
  • Enter the converted hours, if any, by pressing the "Add" button.
  • Enter your previous degrees by pressing the "Add" button.
  • Attach the required documents such as: the national identity card, the passport, the certificate to be equalized, and the transcript...etc.
  • Confirm the review of the documents, their accuracy and clarity, send the request, and a window will appear containing its number.
  • After applying, you can follow the progress of the application through the "Follow Up Applications" home page.
  • It is necessary to obtain prior approval to study abroad from the Ministry of Education for those who study on their own account.
  • The presence of the institution and the program from which the applicant graduated from the list of universities and programs recommended by the ministry.
  • The previous certificate must be issued by the Kingdom or equivalent by the committee.
  • That the student studies at universities or colleges recommended or accepted by the committee, at least 75% of the degree requirements.
  • A student transferring from one educational institution to another must complete at least 25% of the graduation requirements in the educational institution granting the degree.
  • The principle is that the study is conducted regularly, full-time, and resides in the country of study, and the student may devote himself part-time during the master’s and doctoral studies.
  • The documents must be certified by the Saudi Cultural Attaché.
  • The principle is that the university degree is equivalent to its counterparts in the Kingdom, but in some cases that do not meet the minimum requirements stipulated in these regulations for degree requirements, the equivalency may be at the degree that precedes it and meets its requirements.
  • To know the special conditions for the equivalency of the second university degree (Master's) and other details in the user guide, click here.

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