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Payment of Retirement Pension (upon attaining the age of sixty)

General Organization for Social Insurance

An e-service provided by the General Organization for Social Insurance, which allows the contributor to submit an request for retirement and disbursement of his retirement pension due to reaching the age of sixty years. After the contributor successfully completes the retirement application; His retirement pension will be deposited in the bank account specified in his application, at the beginning of each Gregorian month

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Login to your personal account in Taminatee Individual.
  • Click on “Annuity” list.
  • In case of retirement eligibility, “pension” icon will appear.
  • Enter bank account number and verify.
  • Agree to the acknowledgment and complete the request.
  • You will recieve a text message containing the request ID.
  • Ceasing from any work, subject to the Law.
  • Reaching or exceeding sixty years or over.
  • Availability of a subscription period of not less than (120) months or 60 months with the addition of a nominal period complementing 120 months with the approval of the applicant.
  • Availability of a contribution period of no less than (300) months in case of early retirement and application for pension disbursement.
  • There are no requirements.

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