Request for Retirement and Pension Disbursement upon Reaching Sixty

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An e-service provided by the General Organization for Social Insurance, which allows the contributor to submit an request for retirement and disbursement of his retirement pension due to reaching the age of sixty years. After the contributor successfully completes the retirement application; His retirement pension will be deposited in the bank account specified in his application, at the beginning of each Gregorian month.

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  • Log in to your account on GOSI Online (My Insurance).
  • Click on the (Pensions) link.
  • A screen will appear stating your eligibility to request a retirement pension, if you are eligible, click (Retirement Request).
  • Enter the IBAN number, confirm the number, then press (Go), a screen will appear confirming the entered IBAN, press (Next).
  • Press the arrow to display your added dependents, if one of them is a student, upload a document (study scene). If you do not have dependents, this step will not be shown to you.
  • Check your contact details, and update if necessary.
  • All details of your retirement request will appear. Confirm it, then click (Submit).
  • Stop working in any job covered by GOSI system.

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