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Registration of External Corona (Covid-19) vaccines in the systems of the Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health

This service allows citizens and residents to apply for registration of (Corona) vaccines approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, obtained outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to the systems of the Ministry of Health; to be processed and added to (Sehhaty) portal.

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Individuals, Citizen, Resident, Visitor
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5.0 Days(s)
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Service launch date: Sep 30, 2021, 7:00:00 PM GMT

  • Read instructions then click on the choosing box to agree to the instructions on the portal
  • Click on (Next)
  • Clicking on the drop-down list and choose whether the applicant is a Saudi, a resident or a visitor
  • Click on (Next)
  • Enter the ID number, residence number, or border number
  • Enter the date of birth
  • Enter the four-digit code
  • Connect with the "Yaqeen " system
  • Enter contact information
  • Click on (Next)
  • Enter the activation code sent to your mobile phone or email
  • Click on (Next)
  • Click on the drop-down menu and choose "type of vaccine with doses "
  • Click on the drop-down menu and choose "country of vaccination ".
  • Enter dates of doses according to the attached certificate, whether one or more doses
  • Add attached passport copy
  • Add attached vaccination certificate
  • Add attached other documents, if any (certified translation of French and Chinese certificates ... etc.)
  • Click on "Submit " icon
  • ​Citizen, resident, visitor - who received COVID-19 doses outside the Kingdom and has a reliable vaccination certificate
  • A national ID or resident ID is required to accept the request.
  • Documents entered should be in PDF format, not exceeding (1 MB)
  • It is not possible to submit a new request if there is a standing request.
  • Ensure that certificate complies with following requirements:
  • Personal data must be stated in the certificate.- The certificate must be issued in one of the following languages: Arabic, English, or French, or a certified translation into Arabic.
  • The certificate must clearly contain name of the vaccine, its date, and the batch number.
  • Documents to be attached are a copy of the passport, in addition to a copy of the vaccination certificate.
  • It is not possible to submit a new application if there is a standing application.
  • It may take up to 5 business days to process the application.
  • Acc​essing through "Nafaz ", having a passport, having an external COVID-19 vaccination certificate

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