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The service has been designed to allow the government agency users to submit all the needed information, for instance, platform name, brief description, beneficiary segmentation, sectors, in addition, all potential offered services. These information and data allow the DGA to analyze, assess and validate the platform information to provide approval to register the new digital platform.

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Service launch date: Dec 31, 2020, 8:00:00 PM GMT

  • Select Register New Platform Service "Start Service".
  • Use NAFATH credentials to log in.
  • Fill out the Register New Digital Platform Form.
  • Submit the Register New Digital Platform Form.
  • Sending a request confirmation notification via email.
  • The Digital Government Authority receives the application and sends a notification to the user of application's updates.
  • Having an active account in DGA.
  • Having an active account on DGA eServices Unified Portal “RAQMI”.
  • Having an active account in NAFATH.
  • The service provides a certificate only for a registering new platform or application.
  • Data should be hosted inside Saudi Arabia .
  • Domain suggested should be available
  • No Document Required

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