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Report the Unavailability of Digital Government Services

Digital Government Authority

This service enables government agencies to submit reports of the unavailability of their digital services, or digital services provided to them by another government agency, or notify the Digital Government Authority of an update or maintenance of their digital services that may lead to their interruption. The service aims to unify efforts and enhance partnership between the DGA and government agencies to enhance the confidence of beneficiaries in digital government services, and to ensure their availability as planned.

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  1. Log in to the National Single Sign-On.
  2. Register the crisis team as soon as possible and before the unavailability occurs.
  3. Fill out the appropriate communication from the three communications by the director of the crisis management team in the agency or his substitute.
  4. The report is followed up and the guidelines are followed, which explains the steps to be taken for each report.
  5. The Digital Government Authority receives the application and sends a notification to the user of application's updates.

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